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Oh it is love...

So, this is my first blog. I am new to this, but I think Im going to like this blogging area!
This week has felt like a *whirlwind* of a week, full of exams, making cards, classes, and what not.
But today- now that is something different. Today feels like an inspiration day. Yes, lots of homework, but if the Lord is with me, who can be against me?
Anyways,,,, heres my new listing , Oh it is love.... - www.ThomasBlue.etsy.com
Creative. Handmade. Printed. Cards.
Stop by again soooooon to hear more. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!


Jessenia Lynel said...

Such a good song :) and a lovely card too! You're so talented. love uuuuuu

Thomas Blue - by Katie said...

aww thanks sisterrrr :) so are you! love you<3

SeaBird said...

You're featured on my blog today: SeaBirdChronicles.com

Congratulations on your new blog :) Great photo - - I'm in Miami... are you by the ocean in Florida, too?


Thomas Blue - by Katie said...

Yay! I posted it all over fbook and twitter :) Thank you.

Yes! so close to the beach, could be there in 30mins.