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Seeeeuuuuper Bowl Sunday??!

Super Bowl sunday?!

Ewww dislike.dislike.dislike. lol.
Besides spending time with my whole family and friends........

    I really don't see a point in watching a bunch of  muscle guys run around throwing a ball, and tackling eachother while they're at it. Its just nonsense if you ask me. :)
So I will endure the loud shouting, cheering, and all those strange sounds that erupt from the men when they watch a football game.

But before I can enjoy fellowshipping with the family, a bit of leftover homework thats due on the morrow is creeping up on me once again, as it so often does every sunday.
And still tomorrow begins yet another week of school.

Ah. I just need to stay focused and keep my ears and eyes turned towards the Lord. :)

Do you like Super Bowl sunday? Why?

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