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DAY 15, 16, 17, 18

DAY 15, 16, 17, 18

SO. To all my followers:
Im sorry I have not posted in 4 days!
I have been caught up in college homework.
SO, I am going to catch up by just posting the photos and,
telling you these meals were DELICIOUS.



DAY 14

DAY 14

Consists of: 1 Banana + 7 or so Grapes
Yummy, yummy.
In my tummy.
This is an extremely simple meal!
All you have to do is: chop up 1 Banana,
and a few grapes , then put them in a bowl.
Take another empty bowl, and shake the 2 together.
This way their juice mixes together,
creating a
phenomenal mouthful of tastes!
* If this is not filling enough, add 1 more banana + a lot of grapes.

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DAY 13

DAY 13
of 60 days

Consists of: 1 Rice cake, 1 apple sliced,
& light spread of Peanut Butter.
Rice Cakes!
Before they were combined.
Good snack,
healthy too!

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DAY 12

DAY 12
of 60 days

Consists of: Zucchini, Squash, Green beans(sauteed)!
And white rice.
This was a good meal.
I love,love,love designing and decorating food.
In fact, I believe my carreer will be Cullinary Arts.
Ok. Its late.
So this is what I ate for lunch.
Would you eat it?


DAY 11

DAY 11
of 60 days

Consists of: Zucchini & Squash (sauteed).
*Decoration: 2 slit carrots + 3 gluten-free crackers.

Zucchini in culinary context is a vegetable.
Botanically, however, the zucchini is
 an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the female zucchini flower.
How enticing does that sound....?
Anyhow, its good and healthy for you.
Squash is a racquet sport played by
2 players in a 4 walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball.
It is recognized as the world's healthiest sport.
Did you know that?
Not me.
The squash you eat, on the other hand, is
delicious and healthy.

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DAY 10

DAY 10
of 60 days
Consists of: White rice, Zucchini, and Squash.

I was ecstatic over how quickly the white rice cooked!
It literally only took 10 minutes.
You just: boil the water, pour the rice in, take it off the burning and let it sit for 5 minutes.
As for the Zucchini and Squash, I steamed them.
They were absolutely delicious.
Last night I went to the fair.
I love the atmoshpere- family, rides, friends, noise.
But there is something I must confess to all of my followers.
Forgive me.


Ugh. I am disgusted with myself!
But what can I say?
I am human.
Oh well.
At least it was not meat.
AND it was only a small portion.
Let us forget the past and move on.
The important thing is: I will NOT do it again during this diet.
Have mercy on me!



of 60 days

Consists of: Oatmeal and Ezekiel bread (toasted).

First off, I want to dedicate this day to my mom.
She cheers me on through this diet, along with my sisters.
And purple is her favorite color.
So today is plain oatmeal without any brown sugar.
Sick, right? Wrong!
Instead of adding water, I added soy milk.
I also sprinkled some crimson red cinnamon over the oats.
As for the bread, it is gluten-free.
A slight smear of butter and peanut butter spread over the tops = YUM.
Grab a glass of water,
and breakfast is served.
I dare you,
You just might like it.

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of 60 days

Consists of: Gluten-free crackers, Sliced carrots, Cauliflower,
1 piece Ezekiel bread (toasted), Tuna fish ( not extra mayo), and live sprouts.

So this meal was fun to design, yet hard to eat combined.
After my first bite, I immediately sprung for water.
Cauliflower without dip (simply plain) is awful.
You should be happy to know that I DID FINISH 1/3 of the meal.
I looked it up, and supposedly carrots
are the richest source of beta-carotene...whatever that is.
I do know that carrots are beneficial for the heart, eyes, skin, lungs, and circulation.
OH MAYO how I love you. But I wish you added health to me.
One day soon, I will step on the edge and eat a can of tunafish without mayo.
Is that healthy ?
You tell me.

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of 60 days.
Consists of:  CLAM CHOWDER!

I have finally made it to 1 week!
True, I used to absolutley hate clam chowder to the bone.
 But, as of this past week, I have grown to like it.
 I does not contain much sugar (2g). Just a bit of sodium, and lots of protein.
So,to those questioning it, no my diet is not as strict as most.
There is also some fet percentage in clam chowder.
*Dip some gluten-free crackers. Great combination!
For dinner just make sure to eat a large serving of vegetables.



February 20 - April 20. That is 60 days. Converted it is 5,184,000 seconds.

I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING on the task of eating no: meat, wheat, dairy, or sugar ( Acutally just a little bit of sugar). Its a goal! I am looking forward to seeing a new me! Its fun to have something putting you on the edge when you go to eat...at least sometimes it is. Also, it will help me to persevere and endure through these last two months of college courses (5 classes, a full load!). I will post a blog everyday with a photo of 1 of the 3 meals I ate that day. It will be fun. 

Are you ready for this crazy journey that is about to be unleashed?!
I am.
Here we go!
I am on

Consists of: Brown Rice cereal and Soy Silk milk.


Sweet baby

So this is a picture that I drew for my sister- for her babyshower.
She is 8 months pregooo :)
And she is having a BOY!
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Beautiful, Florida, rain.

Rainy, rainy, spring-filled day.
This is my dog- Riley.
He loves water; he loves the rain.
On another note:
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They need more visitors!
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Fellow Etsyians...

To all my fellow etsyians, fans, groups,family, and friends...

My sister HeatherBlu has finally created
an etsy shop of her own..!

Im so proud of her.
She sells art hand drawn by her and
printed on beautiful paper!
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This is one of my most favorite items of hers giraffe & duck 
 How cute is that!?


A Mixture of Starburst Green and Stippling....

So, today my new item in the shop is here  $7 ya'll.

I love to draw. I often get my inspiration when I listen to music, it seems to just flood my soul until I am full, and I must let it out- through drawing.
This drawing is one of my newest drawings. I used the art style of stippling, and mingled it in with a lime burst ,green ribbon, and the flow of emotion.
So what do you love to do in your spare time?


Seeeeuuuuper Bowl Sunday??!

Super Bowl sunday?!

Ewww dislike.dislike.dislike. lol.
Besides spending time with my whole family and friends........

    I really don't see a point in watching a bunch of  muscle guys run around throwing a ball, and tackling eachother while they're at it. Its just nonsense if you ask me. :)
So I will endure the loud shouting, cheering, and all those strange sounds that erupt from the men when they watch a football game.

But before I can enjoy fellowshipping with the family, a bit of leftover homework thats due on the morrow is creeping up on me once again, as it so often does every sunday.
And still tomorrow begins yet another week of school.

Ah. I just need to stay focused and keep my ears and eyes turned towards the Lord. :)

Do you like Super Bowl sunday? Why?

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Oh it is love...

So, this is my first blog. I am new to this, but I think Im going to like this blogging area!
This week has felt like a *whirlwind* of a week, full of exams, making cards, classes, and what not.
But today- now that is something different. Today feels like an inspiration day. Yes, lots of homework, but if the Lord is with me, who can be against me?
Anyways,,,, heres my new listing , Oh it is love.... - www.ThomasBlue.etsy.com
Creative. Handmade. Printed. Cards.
Stop by again soooooon to hear more. :)
Happy Valentine's Day!