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February 20 - April 20. That is 60 days. Converted it is 5,184,000 seconds.

I AM OFFICIALLY TAKING on the task of eating no: meat, wheat, dairy, or sugar ( Acutally just a little bit of sugar). Its a goal! I am looking forward to seeing a new me! Its fun to have something putting you on the edge when you go to eat...at least sometimes it is. Also, it will help me to persevere and endure through these last two months of college courses (5 classes, a full load!). I will post a blog everyday with a photo of 1 of the 3 meals I ate that day. It will be fun. 

Are you ready for this crazy journey that is about to be unleashed?!
I am.
Here we go!
I am on

Consists of: Brown Rice cereal and Soy Silk milk.


Kayjayoh said...

Good luck to you.

Is this a diet you are planning on sustaining or a temporary cutback? I'm working on cutting back on candy and alcohol for a while. I figured Lent was a good time to cut out the empty calories and develop new habits. Candy has always been my weakness.

Could never give up dairy, though. Too much of a Wisconsin girl.

Thomas Blue - by Katie said...

Thank you!

Well, it is a temporary cut back (2 months), but I do intend on staying thin and slim when it is over. I will always watch what I eat, just not as strict as I am now. Wheat has always been my weakness, but with Jesus's help and this diet, its easier to do!

Thank you for commenting :)

cabin + cub said...

I did a cleanse for three weeks that had no meat, wheat or dairy. By the second week, it got much easier. ;)

Strawberry Anarchy said...

I know it probably doesn't matter if I tell you this but seriously you don't look like you need a diet at all. It is good to feel like your eating healthy though even if it isn't for weight reasons so keep up the good work so far the meals you have been making look good it's nice to get some other ideas cos I want to go on a diet too.